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Colorstrology.... it's a thing apparently.

I'm actually not a huge fan of bright colours for myself. As my parents will attest to, I spent a lot of my youth wearing black, and it's actually still my "go to" colour most of the time but I'm trying new things, like ashy greys and deep charcoals.

I stayed up pretty late the other night (actually early morning) to finish a very bright rainbow shawl with Caron Cakes "Rainbow Sprinkles". I like it, it's pretty, but I wouldn't wear daughter would wear the sh*t out of it, but she's 9 and wearing 47 colours at once makes her day.

I thought this would be a quick project, but I dragged it out since we've been pretty busy at work compared to the last few weeks. In reality, it was a weekend project, if all I was doing was knitting..... We can all dram, right?

The Caron Cakes Triangle Knit Shawl is available free here from Michaels. (It was also on the wrapper of my Cakes.)

Shopping list:

32" size 8 (5mm) circular needle


Darning needle

Caron Cake in your choice of colour

(Note: The pattern calls for 2 Cakes, but I'm guessing it's because it's knit without lining up the colours. That would drive me nuts, so I cut the colours so the changes wouldn't end up in the middle of the work. I ended up having to use a 3rd ball for the last section of orange before binding off.)

Today is my day off, and naturally, I'm enjoying some silence, a cup of coffee and looking for a new project to work on. Somehow I ended up on an MSN: Lifestyle page and it had a story about "Colorstrology". Apparently each day of the year has a Pantone "color" attached to it.

(If you're inclined, you can read the article here.)

Since I have zero patience to look at 365 colours of the YEAR, (and I didn't want to actually buy the book it linked to) I checked good ol' Google to see if they had a condensed version for color of the month. BINGO! I was interested, seeing as our son is turning 15 this month and my husband turns the BIG 4-0 next month. He's also a Graphic Artist, so the Pantone colours would interest him.

What I learned is that the "Colorstrology" for April, at least with my son, couldn't be further from the truth. Right now, he's far from "energetic" or "courageous". It's more like "sleeps all day" or "whines about taking out the garbage" but he does (or did?) like the colour red. Also, he does enjoy spicy foods and puts Sriracha on everything so we'll give them the "fiery" part.

According to the author, when it comes to your birth colour "You can wear it, eat it, you can surround yourself with it, you can meditate on it," she said. "You can use very creative ways in incorporating color."

So, I searched my favourite websites for something in "Cayenne" and found the PERFECT fit...... Lion Brand Kitchen Cotton in the right colour. What is the best thing to make out of cotton?? DISHCLOTHS. I'm almost SURE I've seen a dishcloth pattern with a hot pepper pattern that will be perfect for this project. So, while he's doing the dishes, he can meditate on his Colorstrology......

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