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Finish object (FO) Friday!

This weeks finished item is the BOOM! pattern by Playing with Fibre on Ravelry.

I had one Caron Cake in my stash in "Cake Pop". I love the look of the greys with the pop of turquoise. I've really enjoyed this yarn since it was introduced to Michael's here in Canada but up until now, I had only found one pattern I really liked.

I only used 1 cake and the suggested needle size US8/6mm. I used a longer circular needle since the pattern starts with only 5 stitches but steadily increases until the end.

For this pattern, you should be able to:

Garter: knit each row

KFB: knit in the front & back of a stitch

K2TOG: knit 2 stitches together

That's it! Really.

The original pattern is completely knit (garter stitch) from beginning to end. After seeing some other finished projects, I decided to add a little extra detail to mine. I've added some eyelets between the colour changes so it wasn't just "flat".

To do this, I just started a new colour, knit the first two stitches of the row, yarn over (YO) and knit 2 together (K2TOG) until I was close enough to the end of the row to complete the instructions in the pattern. Voila!

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